About Us

Melanie Seery is the founder and chief writer of Seery Writing, Freelance Writer. Prior to working in the affiliate industry, Ms Seery had many years of professional work experience which required effective communication. She has also been a freelance writer for over twenty years. Her many years of work within the affiliate industry has provided her the knowledge and experience needed to write effectively for the affiliate industry.

Ms. Seery's educational background includes a BS from Cornell University. She has many years of experience in informational, promotional and advertising writing for both business and individuals. Ms Seery has the ability to write in various styles whether writing articles for content or product information. In addition to writing for the affiliate industry, her experience also includes writing press releases for business and nonprofit groups, resume writing and writing employee handbooks.

What we offer:

Seery Writing was founded to meet the writing needs of the affiliate industry and other businesses, individuals and organizations. We offer a variety of writing services from simple product descriptions to full length articles. No job is too small or too big. Our clients include small affiliates, large corporations and community groups.