Request a Quote for Writing Services

In order to buy articles or other writing services, we need to clarify exactly what is needed. To receive a price quote for writing please send us an email with answers to the following questions. It is important to give accurate answers so that we can give you an accurate estimate of cost of articles. Please answer all applicable questions so that we may give you a fast and accurate quote. An accurate quote is facilitated by answering all questions.

Send your responses to :  custserv at

Before requesting a price quote for writing services please read through our Estimated Price List for Writing Services.

Questions to Answer to Receive a Price Quote

  1. What is the subject or topic for the copywriting you are ordering?
  2. Are you ordering any of the following? Please indicate your choices and the quantity.
    1. Blog Posts - Single or 3 pack
    2. Articles - approximately what length? Under 250, 250-400, 400-600, 600-800, 880+ or other
    3. Product Description Ordered by Affiliate - Short or long?
    4. Product Description Ordered by Merchant/Program Manager - Short or long?
    5. Product Review - Short or long?
    6. Customer Review - Short or long?
    7. Press Release
    8. Letter -Please indicate type/purpose
    9. Resume Cover Letter
    10. Resume Review
    11. About Us/Company or Employee Short Biography
    12. Other Writing - Please describe
  3. Will you be providing information and research for us to use or will we need to conduct research?
  4. Are you an Affiliate, Merchant, Affiliate Program Manager, Artist, or Other
  5. Please indicate your full name.
  6. Do you have a deadline?
  7. Will you be needing additional writing services in the near future? Is this a bulk order?
  8. How did you find out about us?
  9. Have you read our Estimated Price List and FAQ pages?
  10. Is there an alternate form of contact in case we have trouble with your email? Providing a second email address will ensure that we can contact you. This second email will only be used when other email bounces.