Estimated Price List for Writing Services

This list of estimated fees for the services of Seery Writing, Freelance Writer is only a guideline. Please contact us for a price quote. Fees will be based on several variables including but not limited to, project length, number of items ordered, and whether research and/or investigation are needed. At time of order you will receive an estimated completion date. Additional fees will be charged for rush orders.

Estimated Price List

  1. Blog Posts - Posts average 300-450 words
    • Single blog post - $12-20
    • 3 Blog Posts - $30-65
  2. Articles - Prices for articles varies due to several variables including topic, amount of research necessary and length of article.
    • Up to 250 words - $10 and up
    • 250 - 400 words - $15 and up
    • 400 - 600 words - $20 and up
    • 600 - 800 words - $25 and up
    • 800 words and longer - $35 and up
  3. Website Review and Consult for Articles - We will review your website and offer suggestions for articles and other content. Fee is paid to receive list of article ideas and suggestions. Price starts at $15. The fee rate will be determined by our findings. This is designed for those wanting to add website content but do not have ideas for content or for someone looking for objective review of website.
  4. Product Descriptions for Affiliates (minimum order is $10)
    • Short product descriptions (average under 30 words) $3 and up
    • Long product descriptions (over 35 words) $4.50 and up
  5. Product Descriptions for Merchants & Affiliate Program Managers - These are designed for merchants and program managers who will disseminate descriptions and most likely bulk order. A different rate will apply. Please contact us for our fees.
  6. Product Reviews - More detailed than product descriptions, these include additional information such as review of product performance, usage instructions, and care instructions. Reviews written for merchants may require item to be shipped with no cost in lieu of payment or for reduced rate. Please email for price quote.
    • Short Product Reviews (average 50 words) - $10 and up
    • Long Product Reviews (average over 75 words) - $15 and up
  7. Customer Reviews - Customer reviews are designed predominately for merchants and Program Managers, these are product reviews written from  a consumer perspective. This may require item to be shipped with no cost in lieu of payment or for reduced rate. Please email for price quote.
  8. Press Releases - Price range for press release varies please contact us for price quote.
  9. Letters of Introduction, Donation  Requests, Other Letters - Prices start at $25
  10. Sample Resume Cover Letter - $20 (note this does NOT include resume)
  11. Resume Review - If you have a resume written, we will review your resume and offer suggestions. The rate for this service is $25/hour with a minimum 1 hour fee. If your resume needs no improvements we will tell you so and no fee will be charged.
  12. About Us, Short Company/Employee Biographies - Prices start at $20
  13. Other Writing Services are Available - Other writing services are available. Please contact us with your writing needs for a price quote.